Designing for the new client

Where do we begin with a new client?  The client has some idea of who we are but we don’t know who they are.  What are their needs?  What is their budget?  What is the situation in their home or business?  We start out by asking questions.  Here are some questions you can be thinking about when planning for your window treatments.

  • What are my expectations for my new window treatments?
  • Do I expect my window treatments to help control my heating/cooling needs in winter/summer?
  • Block light?
  • Filter light?
  • Reduce glare on electronics?
  • Help with sound buffering?
  • Help with acoustics inside my space?
  • Add to my interior design scheme?
  • “Disappear” when not in use?
  • Do I have children/pets to consider?
  • What direction are my windows facing?
  • Do I want privacy control?
  • Do I want to frame the view?
  • What is my budget?
  • What am I realistically expecting to pay for my window treatments?
  • What style is my home?
  • What style window treatment do I like?
  • What colors are in the room and adjacent rooms?

We look forward to working with you and to guide you through choosing your unique window treatment designs.  We work with you and for you, from design concept to installation and our desire is your satisfaction.  Our satisfaction comes when our clients call and tell us how much they love their window treatments, how their home is enhanced by the window treatments and that their needs have been met and exceeded.

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